Drop Forged Lennon-The Other Side
Book by Sharon Richards
Review by Ronnie

This is the second in a series of Lennon inspired books by author Sharon Richards. Following the 'theme' of Lennon's own books from the '60s, DROP FORGED LENNON: THE OTHER SIDE is a slim volume of poetry and short stories that are packaged like Lennon's slim volumes. But unlike Lennon's books, there are also practical essays on Beatle memorabilia, memories of a "virgin" at a Beatlefest and my personal favorite: "A Comparison", which dismisses the oft-used "they are the next Beatles" phrase! "Comparison" is an interesting analysis comparing the Beatles to the renaissance. Some themes in the book are continued, as in the 'prequel' to "A Very Untrue Story" which again has the fictional character of Lizzy and her first meeting with John Lennon. This installment of Lizzy's saga is titled, "Crash, Crash, Bang!" and takes place in Hamburg, Germany.

And then there is the poetry. As I said before, I'm not a huge poetry fan. But I know what is enjoyable and what is just pretentious…and that is one thing that Sharon Richards poetry is NOT, and that is 'pretentious'. Being a musician myself, my faves are those that are about musical instruments, "First Instrument" and "Mine Two Fore Play" (which adds a sexual twist!).

The book is illustrated with both photos and (computer generated?) images. I do wish that Sharon would try her hand at drawing, to possibly illustrate her books with strange doodles like John Lennon. Who knows, since she evoked Lennon for inspiration, it is worth a try.

While the theme to Richards' first book was "Lennon's message of love", the theme this go around seems to be the "emotions" - both as an analysis of Lennon's own emotions and emotion that he stirs in others. If you enjoyed 'volume one', then you should definitely seek out volume two! However, I would only recommend it for diehard Beatle-nuts like myself. Others might have a hard time 'getting it'.

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